A Psychiatrist’s Role in Ensuring Safe and Responsible use of Medical Marijuana

“Medical marijuana is here to stay. With medical marijuana being new to many states, there are more questions than answers about how it will affect our communities. Each state with medical marijuana laws may address important issues related to the laws differently. Many of our colleagues see medical marijuana as an unwanted problem in our busy practices and programs. I challenge our field to look at this as an opportunity to educate our patients on one of the most misunderstood drugs available. With millions of marijuana users in the United States today and that number likely to increase, psychiatrists can make an impact by increasing the likelihood that medical marijuana will be used in a safe and responsible way.”

Hill_Medical Marijuana: More Questions than Answers

Hill KP. Medical Marijuana: More Questions than Answers. Journal of psychiatric practice. 2014;20(5):389-391. doi:10.1097/01.pra.0000454786.97976.96.