Minnesota Medical Cannabis


Medical cannabis can be a safe and effective treatment option for many patients. 

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At Timewise Medical, we believe in applying the best solutions to the real problems that our patients face. For many patients, medical cannabis is the right choice.

What is Timewise Medical's background in treating patients with medical cannabis?

We have been treating patients in the state of Minnesota with medical cannabis since 2014 when the Medical Cannabis Program was created.

This program is currently directed by the Minnesota Department of Health, but will transition to the Office of Cannabis Management effective July 1, 2024.

We follow the guidelines established by the Office of Cannabis Management for patients, caregivers and manufacturers to ensure positive health outcomes and safety.

What are the benefits of becoming a Timewise patient for medical cannabis?

For the yearly price, you receive:

  • Rolling 12 months of access to medical cannabis pharmacies in MN tailored to your medical experience.
  • 365 days of access to Dr. Locketz and staff for any question regarding your medical cannabis and its effects on your health.
  • Assistance with the required state registry from the Office of Cannabis Management.
  • Reduced anxiety regarding legally obtaining medical cannabis in your community.
  • Medical cannabis that has been laboratory tested to ensure quality.
  • User-friendly education about the process and maintenance plus yearly email reminders to ensure seamless annual recertification.

How do I find out if medical cannabis is the right treatment for me?

We are committed to empowering those in need to navigate the process of receiving medical cannabis in a safe and private manner. As a patient of Dr. Adam Locketz you will learn about the process for receiving medical cannabis in our state. The first step is to make an appointment at one of our clinic locations. Please review our process below for additional information.

Who Qualifies for Medical Cannabis in Minnesota?

Previously, only patients who were diagnosed with one of the qualifying conditions were eligible to receive medical cannabis in Minnesota.

Effective July 1, 2024, the definition of qualifying medical condition will change to include any condition recommended, approved, or authorized by a person's health care practitioner.

This change means if you are a legal Minnesota resident and were previously ineligible for medical cannabis, you might now qualify.

To discover more about the 2024 legislative updates regarding medical cannabis in Minnesota, click here. You can also schedule an appointment with our office using the button below—we'll assist you in determining if medical cannabis is suitable for your treatment.


Overview of the Minnesota Medical Marijuana Program

For full details of the Minnesota Medical Cannabis Program, visit the Minnesota Department of Health website.

  • TimeWise Medical assesses your condition

    The first step to be accepted into the Minnesota Medical Cannabis Program is to schedule an appointment with Dr. Locketz. Go to the OMC website, print the Patient Email and Acknowledgment Form (PDF) and bring it to your appointment. 

  • Dr. Locketz & TimeWise Medical certifies your condition

    After your appointment you'll receive an email from the Office of Medical Cannabis (OMC) with a confirmation and your unique registration link for the Medical Cannabis Patient Registry. 

  • Register online and submit payment

    Once you receive your registration email, you will be ready to register. Before you register, review the items you will need to gather on the MDH website to complete your registration. 

  • Once approved you’re added to registry

    The Minnesota Department of Health's Office of Medical Cannabis (MDH OMC) maintains a patient registry of people who are allowed to receive medical cannabis as a treatment option. Once approved, you'll be notified by email.

  • Medical Cannabis may now be obtained at a Cannabis Patient Center

    To purchase, you'll need to complete and submit a Patient Self-Evaluation Form by going online to the Medical Cannabis Patient Registry. Then you can visit one of the Cannabis Patient Centers to meet with the onsite licensed pharmacist and receive your medical cannabis. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Medical cannabis is prescribed to legal Minnesota residents who have been certified by their healthcare practitioner for a medical condition. When carrying medical cannabis, patients should keep it in its original packaging, which includes a label with their name and date of birth for verification by law enforcement.

  • Cost Savings: Patients receive access to medical cannabis at lower prices, including exemption from state sales tax imposed on recreational users.
  • Higher Limits: Through having access to medical cannabis dispensaries, patients can possess larger quantities of medical cannabis in higher potencies, in addition to numerous products and strains that may not be available to recreational users.
  • Ongoing Support: Medical cannabis doctors in Minnesota offer ongoing guidance and support, assisting patients in developing tailored treatment plans to effectively manage their symptoms.

No, you should not take cannabis across state lines, even if you're going to another state where it is legal, due to federal restrictions. Additionally, the legal protections for participants in Minnesota's Medical Cannabis Program are only valid within Minnesota. If you are part of the program, you should not transport your medical cannabis outside of the state or to another country.

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