General Medicine


We provide comfortable, convenient and cost-effective general medical care for patients.

General medical care by Timewise Medical includes the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of a wide variety of conditions.

What services are provided?

We offer general medicine services that do not require lab work or testing. For example, we are able to help you manage blood pressure medication or prescribe antibiotics.

Why would I see Timewise for medical care vs. a primary care doctor?

Some patients, especially those who do not have insurance, find that we offer more reasonable pricing for general medical services. Other patients are seeking a provider who believes in alternative approaches including medical marijuana and are looking to establish care under a new doctor.

Do I have to be seen at a clinic for general medical care?

General medical care is available in person at one of our clinic locations or via Telemedicine. We also offer in-home visits for those who have difficulty visiting an office location due to severe impairments, terminal illness, severe pain, anxiety, or the inability to take time off from work. You can be seen one-on-one with the provider who will work to fully understand your problems in the comfort of your own home.