Patient Information


At TimeWise Medical, we are on a mission to fulfill the needs and exceed the expectations of our patients.

Your health care matters to us. We offer a wide range of medical treatments in a warm, relaxed, and friendly atmosphere.

What should I expect from my experience at Timewise Medical?

We take great pride in our ability to listen to patients, and you never have to be concerned about feeling rushed during a consultation.  This is the only way that we can apply ourselves to the very best of our abilities.

What do I need to become a new patient?

We will need to review your records from previous providers over the past year and any imaging scans within the past year. It is very important for all patients currently on a pain medicine regimen to bring in all current pain medications in their original bottles. We also ask that you bring your driver's license and any medical records that have not already been faxed.

What type of previous medical records are acceptable?

We accept medical records including those from physical therapy, chiropractic care, urgent care, previous pain clinic, and clinical notes from treating practitioners as long as they show a diagnosis from a provider with the qualifications to provide one.

Please visit our Frequently Asked Questions below for more helpful information.


To help you collect important information we will need from you and save time at your first visit you may print print and complete the forms below and bring them with you to our office.


No, unfortunately because while medical cannabis is legal in certain states, it is currently still illegal under the federal government, and insurance companies will not pay for anything medical cannabis-related.

You will need to purchase medical marijuana at a state approved dispensary. You are not required to commit to one company. You do have the option to try products at both dispensaries.

To obtain certification with our office we require copies of medical records showing documentation of a qualifying medical condition along with a Minnesota ID.

If a patient is currently pregnant, diagnosed with Schizophrenia/Schizoaffective Disorder or not a legal resident of the state of Minnesota then they do not qualify.

Traveling out of state with Medical Cannabis is not legal. However, if you are traveling to another state that has a Medical Cannabis law and a recreational cannabis law, occasionally they will honor your certification from another state and will allow you to purchase within their state.

You are required to re-certify with your doctor annually in order to stay active in the program. Re-certification can be done in person or over the phone. This goes for the registration process with the state as well.

Absolutely, you can re-certify any point in time at no additional cost.

At Timewise Medical we do offer telemedicine (over the phone) appointments for our returning medical cannabis patients. The recertification fee may vary by state. Please call our office to re-certify for the year.

The Minnesota Department of Health - or call their office at 651-201-5598.

There is no age limit - however, if you are a minor you are required to have a parent with you at the time of the appointment.

You are given 90 days to register with the state before certification lapses. At that point you would need to come back in for another appointment with the doctor in order for your certification to be re-submitted.

Terminal illness, severe pain, or anxiety can make regular visits to our primary clinic impractical or impossible. Recognizing this, we offer both TeleMedicine and home visits for patients and conditions that qualify.

Our Veteran patients have sacrificed for our country and deserve our utmost respect, compassion and care. We are credentialed and verified by the NPDB and HIPDB and trained on the VA Claims Process and Veteran Sensitivity.