Cancer Patients Using Cannabis ‘Doing Better…Feeling Better’

SAN FRANCISCO — “So let me know if you’ve ever seen a patient like this: 70-year-old guy, metastatic lung cancer, who’s using oxycodone. He’s using long-acting morphine for breathlessness and bone pain. He’s going to be starting chemo and immunotherapy soon. And, usually right as you’re walking out the door, he says, ‘Doc, should I be using that CBD [cannabidiol] that’s advertised everywhere?’

“So what do you tell such a patient? Do you feel equipped to answer this question?”

These were the questions posed by Daniel Bowles, MD, an associate professor of medicine-medical oncology at the University of Colorado, Boulder.

He was speaking here at the Supportive Care in Oncology Symposium (SCOS) 2019 during a special session on cannabis use.

Cancer Patients Using Cannabis ‘ Doing Better…Feeling Better’

Roxanne Nelson, RN, BSN

November 06, 2019